Advice and rules

Some basic rules and advice for your comfort and safety as well as the internal regulations

  • Pay attention to your personal belongings in your pockets (mobile phone, keys, wallets).

  • The rail goes through a green and natural environment, please respect it.

  •  Wear suitable shoes to pedal : closed shoes, no flip flops

  • Wear suitable clothing : in wet weather the wheels  can throw mud, wide pants can get caught in the chain or get chain grease on them. 

  • Riding a railbike is a moment of family fun and relaxation, keep an elementary and safe distance to avoid collisions and accidents.  In order to avoid injuries, please remain seated during the entire trip. Only stand up when your railbike has come to a complete stop at the arrival.

  • There is no age limit, children from 7 years old can pedal if tall enough. A railbike  seats 4 people, additional passengers are prohibited.

  • In the event of a thunderstorm, get off the bike and step away from the rail.

  • You are allowed to take your picnic  and drinks with you on the bikes (alcoholic beverages are prohibited). We suggest you eat and drink during the breaks  at the turnaround points. No littering please !

  • You will be charged with a fine of the value of the ticket if failing to respect the return time.

  • It is imperative to keep your ticket until the end of the activity. If you encounter any difficulty  contact us at 082/699079.

  • Failure to comply with safety regulations and instructions is the sole responsibility of the client/customer, any damage to the equipment or infrastructures due to non-compliance will be quantified and billed to the client/customer.