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In the middle of nature

Our different rail tracks allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the scenic valley of the Molignée. They offer views on the river, the winding road and the ever changing landscape.

N.B .: These tours are always back and forth on one and the same rail, hence the need for breaks at the turnarounds.


An explanatory map of the route and the surrounding area is available free of charge from the reception.

Warnant - Falaën

From Warnant to Falaën and back you cross two tunnels and several bridges while pedaling through a mostly wooded area.

On the way you will discover an old quarry and, from their best angle; the Ruins of Montaigle classified as major heritage of Wallonia.

The ride up and back will take you in between 90 and 120 minutes including the short break at the turnaround station Falaën.

Falaën - Maredsous


 From Falaën to Maredsous, your railbike takes you through Sosoye, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, where you have an ideal view on its limestone plateau.

A little further on you can observe different rock formations carved by the railroad builders.

At the end of the track a 20 minute walk takes you to the Abbey  where you can find some refreshment(s) or discover the monastery during approx 1 hour. Then, at the hour indicated by staff at the departure, you go back to your railbike for the return ride to Falaën.

The total duration of this tour is about 3h30.

The departure at 17.00 hrs ( 15.00 hrs during winter hours) does not permit the2 hrs break at the Abbey. The last return from the station of Maredsous stants at 18.00 hrs (16.00 hrs during winter hours).

On request you can skip the Abbey and take the first available return. In this case the activity takes 90 to 120 minutes.


warnant - Maredsous

The longest route of 14km  from Warnant to Maredsous, is the combination of the 6 and 8 km trails (see above).

It takes about 5h30 including the breaks at each station (Falaën and Maredsous and again Falaën) and the walk/visit to the abbey.

The departure at 16.00 hrs ( 14.00 hrs during winter hours) does not permit the 2 hrs break at the Abbey. The last return from the station of Maredsous stants at 18.00 hrs (16.00 hrs during winter hours).

 On request it can be reduced to 3h30 (no visit to the abbey)

Abbey of Maredsous

Starting at the disused station of Maredsous, you can do a short walk in its surroundings or to go to the Abbey by following the signposted path  through the tunnel.

Remember to respect the return times communicated to you by our staff at departure.