Group excursion

The monastery by the railbikes

Minimum 25 people

Around 10:00 am departure by railbike from Falaën.

Pedal 3 km on the old railway line which runs along the picturesque valley of the Molignée.

Then, by footpaths, reach the natural site of the Abbey of Maredsous.

At noon, tasting of a tartine with Maredsous cheese and its 6 ° beer or a soft drink.

Alternatively, below is the PDF map of the Maredsous conference.

Cafeteria 01/24

2:00 p.m., guided tour of the monastery which was founded in 1872 by Benedictine monks from Beuron in Germany.

This neo-Gothic ensemble is one of the most beautiful Abbeys in the country.

Around 4:00 p.m., return by the same paths to the old station of Maredsous to reach your starting point Falaën by draisines.


Minimum 25 people : 2023 prices

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Attractions included in the package : the railbikes

Schedule 2018: From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Restaurant capacity: 200 pers.

Bus parking: Number of spaces 6 bus. The journey between attractions on your own.

Catering / picnic: Saint-Joseph reception center at Maredsous Abbey.

Menu: A tartine with Maredsous cheese accompanied by a 6 ° beer (or soft). Possibility of ordering a second cheese or Ardennes ham sandwich or another meal to choose from the list (on request).

Special school conditions: Free railbikes for teachers and free access to the full range of games.


To know more :

Rue de la Gare 82 – 5522 FALAËN
T. 0032 (0) 82/69 90 79